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If you are a deep tech early-stage venture or start-up, focusing on solving social, environmental and economic challenges, seeking to accelerate growth, we offer a set of tailored-made services. 

Access to Stakeholders & Capital

We link best start-ups with Investors, who seek ethical, sustainable and impactful investment opportunities. All start-ups, which we are endorsing, go through the SIL Certification™ program. Eligible start-ups must have: 

  • innovative business model
  • full-time dedicated team
  • working product/services, with initial traction and revenue
  • integrated impact or intention to integrate it into strategy. 

Business Development 

We provide start-ups with strategic advise and support in expanding onto the abroad, covering:

  • product market fit assessment
  • scaling
  • marketing and sales plan
  • co-development of impact strategy 
  • long-term commitment to start-up growth

SIL Certification™ Program

The program is open to start-ups interested in integrating SDGs/impact into core. It is executed in collaboration with the Europe Impact Lead Foundation. All eligible start-ups, which we endorse to investors, must finalise the program. All requirements need to be fulfilled within 4 months.

Throughout the process, you meet best practitioners, master entrepreneurship skills and expand ecosystem. The program is conducted in English and includes:

  • Start-Up Initial Impact Assessment
  • Impact Strategy Development 
  • Trainings
  • Mentoring & Business Advising
  • Team & Leadership Coaching 

Download SIL Certification™ Brochure →

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